Management Consulting and Services for Publishers and Marketers


Terrella provides management consulting and services for publishers seeking expert help with:

  • strategic planning and marketing for launches and relaunches
  • product trouble-shooting
  • sales troubleshooting and training
  • presentation, proposal, and media kit development
  • skills assessment (of editors, salespeople, marketers, or publishers)
  • temp publishing and management assignments

Terrella welcomes consulting engagements across the spectrum of publishing operations.


Terrella provides hands-on assistance with your customer-focused communications, including:

  • planning and execution of branded content such as newsletters, Web sites, and magazines
  • new media strategies (e.g., mobile and social computing)
  • marketing communications support, including copywriting and event promotions

eBook and ePublishing Products

In partnership with Minnick Web Services (MWS), Terrella Media offers an eBook/eMag platform for monetizing your editorial content. With a turn-key process, you provide source files (HTML or Word documents), and MWS produces and host a Flash-based eBook or eMag that supports user registration, customized poll questions, and detailed tracking and reporting. This is a perfect sponsorship opportunity that MWS has replicated nearly 500 times:

  • A publisher identifies a topic of interest to readers and to a sponsor.
  • The publisher sells the sponsorship.
  • The sponsor helps to define poll questions for qualifying leads.
  • The publisher delivers several articles on that topic (including multimedia content) to MWS.
  • MWS produces and hosts the resulting eBook.
  • The publisher promotes the eBook or eMag to his or her readers.
  • Interested readers register for and read the eBook.
  • The publisher delivers to the sponsor hundreds, and sometimes thousands of qualified leads.

There is no easier way to turn your editorial content into revenue.

Custom Publishing, Branded Content, and “Brand Community Media”™

Working with its partners, Terrella can plan and execute complete custom media programs, managing research and publishing processes — from concept to printing (including content strategy, graphic design, editorial production, and advertising sales management). Terrella specializes in integrated media products that serve as platforms for:

  • Customer research
  • Brand messaging
  • Loyalty programs
  • Demand creation
  • Direct marketing
  • Partner comarketing
  • Product advertising and promotions

Terrella’s Brand Community approach treats customers as members and serves them in innovative ways that enhance their experience of a brand. Terrella has a passion for customer-focused content. By delivering useful and enlightening content that enriches consumers’ lives, marketers can outperform traditional media and direct marketing.

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