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Minnick Web Services (MWS) announces ContentBoxer (CB) beta, the first self-service version of the MWS e-publishing technology that has powered hundreds of ebooks and digital editions over the past decade. Terrella president Dave Kalman serves as product manager for MWS’s e-publishing solutions, including CB.

CB enables business users to publish any piece of content—such as a PDF, office doc, HTML, or other file—behind a gate that requires users to log in or register. CB is for publishers, marketers, and other content creators who need to know who views their content, but don’t want to hire a developer or wait in a corporate queue. Intended for lead generation, audience development, and content marketing, ContentBoxer saves time and money by automating and hosting the functions of a professional publishing operation.

CB requires no technical skill to operate. Upload a file, define your registration form, then click Launch. CB produces a link you can share in email, on your Website, or on social networks. When a user clicks the link, your CB landing page appears with a content preview and registration form. To learn about your audience, click Reports and view real-time data, including users’ answers to your registration questions.

Use CB to deliver white papers, product literature, reprints, digital editions, magazine samples, or even embedded content such as a Youtube video. Here’s a demonstration using Terrella’s “Brand Communities” white paper.

For more information about ContentBoxer, see our FAQ.