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Kalman Partners with Minnick as Product Manager/ePublishing

Terrella Media’s David M. Kalman has announced he is now partnering with Minnick Web Services LLC as Product Manager/ePublishing. In this role, Kalman will direct new business development for Minnick’s eBook/eMag services. He will also contribute to Minnick’s ePublishing product strategy.

A Sample eBook Cover from the Technology
Designed for prominent sponsor and/or producer branding.

While publishing Intelligent Enterprise Magazine at Miller Freeman a decade ago,  Kalman was one of Minnick’s first eBook customers. Since then, Minnick has produced more than 500 eBooks and eMags for several publishers.

Kalman says, “A Minnick eBook or eMag provides a Flash-based  page-turning interface that supports a variety of media. While it may look similar to other ‘flip-book’ readers, there are critical differences behind the scenes. First, Minnick provides turn-key service. A publisher simply provides source documents (HTML files, Word docs, or PDFs) and Minnick designs, builds, and hosts the eBook. Second, a Minnick eBook provides integrated audience management including registration, tracking, and reporting.”

eBooks can be customized easily to match your brand.
eBooks can be customized easily to match your brand.

Because a publisher can include qualifying questions in the registration process, a Minnick eBook serves as an ideal lead-generating tool.  Publishers can aggregate a few articles on a specific topic, sell a sponsorship around the topic, deploy and promote the eBook, and then share the registration data (qualified leads) with the sponsor. With low overhead and fast turnaround, sponsors see immediate ROI. Minnick eBooks have generated from hundreds to thousands of leads.

Minnick Web Services is now offering a no-risk eBook trial. Contact David M. Kalman, 650-270-6712 or email